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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami -Then & Now

It was been a little over 5 months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Hard to believe that the news that was once on everyone’s mind has probably dissipated a bit. The people of Japan in the regions that were hit the hardest are still struggling. A friend went on a mission trip to Japan and visited the area hit by the natural disaster said that there are many volunteers still there assisting in any way they can and the people of the region are doing what they can to get back to the norm. But what exactly is the norm for them from this point on. The clean up efforts have been huge! Places where boats once were jammed into a home have been moved, debris on streets have been cleared but then what? Just to get back to the starting point has been the past several months. These people will now have to find homes, jobs and schools. I pray that the people in this region do not give up hope and hope that people still continue to sow into their lives as long as needed.

Below are some pictures courtesy of International Business Times of what has been accomplished so far after 5 months of hard, dedicated work. Great job and thank you to all who have helped.

Make a Difference in a Person’s Life in Japan

The world seems so big yet we are united as one. When things happen around the world, we may not think much of it and life may go on. But the tsunami waves in Japan crossed the huge Pacific Ocean and met the shorelines of Santa Cruz, CA. They are … [Continue reading]

HOPE-Encouraging Video with Arashi Song

Attention Arashi fans and all those who have a heart for Japan. Grab your tissues. This is life right now in Japan. What can YOU do right now for Japan? Let's pray for light to shine in the darkness and unity. … [Continue reading]

Johnnys Doing Their Part for Japan

Regular TV programs have started to run in Japan this week. For the past week, it has been news, 24/7, about the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant. The Johnny's artists, consisting of the most popular boy bands in Japan like SMAP, … [Continue reading]

SMAP’s song for “Pray for Japan”

The world has been praying for Japan. To bring hope to the nation of Japan, these two video montages were created with of course, none other than using SMAP's songs. SMAP is probably the most well known and successful Japanese boy band group from … [Continue reading]

Funky Monkey Babys Impacting Japan

Funky Monkey Babys. Odd name, yes but...who are they? Well for those of you that don't know, they are a Japanese hip hop/rap group consisting of 3 members that debuted in 2004. Their music is inspired by pop and rock music and loved by many. The … [Continue reading]

A Dog’s Loyalty Beyond Belief

Dog's are very in tune with what's going on around them. It is often said the they know far before humans when earthquakes are about to happen. There is something about dog's that makes them truly special. Man's best friend, a true companion … [Continue reading]

Japan’s Earthquake and Its Many Survivors

Last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan has taken many lives, young and old, male and female. This natural disaster did not discriminate in anyway. Everyone who lived in the Sendai and Fukushima region was at risk. But even then in the midst of … [Continue reading]

Half a Paper Cup of Miso Soup

NHK, a popular tv broadcasting company in Japan has for the past week been only playing news on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. All regular TV programs have been put on hold. As I watched yesterday's news highlighting this one shelter that now … [Continue reading]

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